Why buy a full property in Spain when you only need to use it for the winter or up to 4 weeks during mid-high season?

Just invest in a Quarter of the fractional freehold, use it, then get a return on YOUR investment!*

Spanish property on the costa del sol has increased dramatically in the past decade to 15 years and the cost of renting holiday accommodation is getting more expensive every year.

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Do the maths!


If you were to rent one of our luxury apartments next year in mid to high season, the cost is from €800 – €1200 per week! That’s €3200 – €4800 for the month!
Over 15 years without inflation, you would spend a massive €48,000-€72,000 with no return! The reality is these figures will increase and will likely double over a 10 year period. (similar figures apply to the 12 week low season period)

If you invest that money you are going to spend anyway, into a Quarter fractional freehold, you would have Free holidays for up to 6 people for 15 years and money back at the end!*
Full freehold perchases are subject to 8- 15% tax in Spain. With a Quater Fractional Freehold ther are ZERO taxes.

*the rate of return on investment relies on the Spanish property market at the time of sale. Terms and conditions apply.


At Pueblo Evita you can now invest in a Quarter of the Fractional Freehold,


use it for up to 4 weeks in mid to high season for FREE and up to 15 years later get a return on your investment*
Maybe, it’s too cold in you country so you would like to live in Spain for up to 3 months in the winter?
Then use it for up to 12 weeks in low season and up to 15 years later also get a return of your investment*

With a Quarter Fractional Freehold in Pueblo Evita in a 1 or 2 bedroom luxury apartment

you will not only reduce the cost of you holiday dramatically you also get a heathy return on your investment*

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